Adarsh ​​Gaushala should become centre for inspiration for rearing indigenous cows: Governor Shri Tandon


 Governor inspects Adarsh ​​Gaushala at Raj Bhavan

Governor Shri Lalji Tandon today inspected the Adarsh ​​Gaushala built at Raj Bhavan. He said that efforts should be made so that this Goushala becomes the centre of inspiration for rearing cows of indigenous breeds. The Governor directed that the details of the physical characteristics of the cows and qualities available in their milk should be displayed in the Goushala. Shri Tandon shared his experiences with officials on various topics related to cow rearing.

The Governor said that the indigenous cows are the most eco-compatible. Their immunity is also very high. They also have a longer breeding period than foreign breeds. The Governor held detailed discussions with the officials regarding the nature, physical properties of different cows, quality of milk and variety of nutrients found in the milk. He said that if indigenous cow-wealth is not protected and promoted in time, many problems may arise in future, which are being faced by the western countries today.

The Governor said that countries like Australia, Argentina and Brazil have achieved success in enhancing the production capacity of the Indian cow-breeds, Gir and Sahiwal. The Governor said that the minerals available in cow’s milk can be identified by its colour. This is the reason why consumption of cow’s milk based on the colour of the cow is advised in Naturopathy. He stressed the need for research-study to confirm this traditional knowledge on scientific basis.

On this occasion, it was informed that in Adarsh Goushala, arrangements have been made for the scientific rearing of 8 cows of indigenous breeds. Arrangements have been made to collect urine and cow dung in the Goushala. Cow mats have been provided on the floor to protect the cows from the physical accidents that usually occur. Along with the separate housing system for cows, arrangements have also been made for cleanliness. The Goushala inhabits indigenous breeds of cows including Gir, Sahiwal and Malvi. Soon other breeds including Thar parkar, Nimadi, Rathi and Kankrej will also be available in the Goushala .



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