Future police will be equipped with technology instead of arms- Chief Minister Kamal Nath


CM Shri Kamal Nath’s address at IPS Officers’ Conclave 2020

Bhopal: The Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that the future police force will be equipped with technologies instead of arms. The police force will have to converse itself with the latest technologies and learn to adopt them. The State Government will give all possible support to the police force in this direction. He hoped that in future the police of Madhya Pradesh would be so skillful in terms of using the emerging technologies that it would be ideal for other states.

Police should also recognize tendency and nature of economic crimes

Addressing the IPS Officers’ Conclave 2020 at Minto Hall here today, the Chief Minister said that the economic growth also brings with it economic crimes. The police force needs to be familiar with the nature and tendency of economic crimes. He said that harmony among the parts of governance is imperative for quality results.

Challenge before the Police due to socio-economic disparities

The Chief Minister said that India is a specific country. Madhya Pradesh itself is a unique State full of diversities. One of its greatest strengths is that it remains united despite diversities. He said that Madhya Pradesh is not only the largest forest State but also the largest tribal State. Therefore, in view of socio-economic diversities there are many challenges before the police in Madhya Pradesh. He said that the world is changing rapidly. Social behavior and attitudes are also changing due to technological advancement. The police force, therefore need to recognize the change.

Police is the face of governance

The Chief Minister said that police is the face of governance. It is the police that give the message to the society. He said that there is no home-grown terrorism. It is because tolerant Indian society has a big role as it has an amazing ability to encompass everyone and everything. He said that the police administration needs to understand these changes and strategize accordingly. The Chief Minister said that there is no place in India’s ethos for divisions that split the society and brings it nearer to destruction.

The DGP Police Shri V.K. Singh in his welcome address said that in view of the changing global scenario and the changes coming in the socio-economic fabric, the challenging role of the police needs to be understood clearly. He thanked the Chief Minister for taking decisions like extension of housing facilities for the police force and weekly holiday. President of IPS Officers Association, Shri Vijay Yadav discussed in detail the purpose of the conclave.

DGP Shri V.K. Singh, President of IPS Officers Association and Special Director General of Police, Shri Vijay Yadav, presented a memento to the Chief Minister on behalf of IPS Officers.

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