Events10x helps organizations to perform all the activities in a strategic way without having any difficulties: Mohammad Dawood


Local & International Companies Achieves 3x Industry Benchmarks When Hosting Virtual & Hybrid Events on Events10x

Dubai: More and more companies in the 3x industry benchmarks when hosting virtual & hybrid events on Events10x. The leading event management solutions platform in the Middle East has enabled organizations to utilize the latest innovations to seamlessly collaborate, enhance the customer experience and host a variety of events, from hybrid to completely virtual events, especially during the pandemic.
A trend-setting trusted platform
A proud startup company from the UAE utilizing advanced Norwegian and UAE innovative technologies, Events10x has cemented a strong reputation since its inception through its dynamic innovations and has been a trusted name in terms of events management solution for numerous brands and companies across the globe. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Events10x has offered greater flexibility to various organizations across the world in hosting large scale hybrid and virtual events from a wide array of industries. Moreover, it has also become a trend-setting platform as companies see the benefits of offering hybrid environments for their audiences in the UAE and in the global scenario.
“Everyone during this pandemic faces issues in communication, in performing their own activities, in performing their usual events and ceremonies, and so on. Events10x helps all those organizations to communicate with their target audiences and to perform all the activities in a strategic way without having any difficulties,” stated Mr. Mohammad Dawood, the Managing Director of Events10x.
“In Events10x platform, we are offering a complete solution for all the events happening. It’s not only virtual events but we cater to hybrid events. From the beginning of the user journey, entering the platform service registration system, how it’s customized based on the needs of each organizer, from being exhibited in the platform, how easy and user friendly it is and how easily you can prepare your booth in only two or three minutes,” Mr. Dawood furthered.
“Through our advanced AI integrated software, Events10x provides a single platform to chat, meet and host dynamic events for a greater customer satisfaction. It is a great software as customers and participants can efficiently setup in minutes and access the event from anywhere through any device,” he added.
Another feature why more companies prefer the Events10x platform is the advanced networking feature where customers can access built-in video conferencing networking chats, view virtual business cards and live walls and create long lasting business relations with people from around the globe.
“Users themselves, when they enter into the platform, exchange of business cards easily happens on the site. They can take their own digital notes for each business card. They can request for meeting from any person participating in the event. They can have a video call online, and can even organize a group call with their colleagues to have a group discussion with each other,” Mr. Dawood explained.
Events10x also caters to exhibitors at career fairs, university events and other gatherings from various industries such as real estate, technology shows and others to showcase their latest product offerings online and connect with visitors through personal calls at any point of time.
Events10x has revolutionized the platform
“We have an advanced video engine, which helps performing the sessions in the platform doing webinars, the conferences, mega events, mega conferences, and can also be used on our main video engine. We also cater to many other third-party platforms like zoom and YouTube to a stream in our auditorium, as a platform itself is enabled, in actual 10 languages, which is making it very user friendly.  If I speak Arabic, I can easily choose Arabic interface which will help me understand where I’m going, and to which location and which activity. Also, we have an advanced interpretation system which is integrated recently at the platform, which has this main audience to hear the speakers in many different languages,” he mentioned.
Events10x has revolutionized the platform to host hybrid and virtual events that can increase the connectivity and audience engagement. The benefit of using digital technology as part of the event is the ability to get detailed event metrics and post show reports that would otherwise be more time consuming and impossible in a purely physical event.
Furthermore, exhibitors and sponsors can increase their return on investments by generating more leads and businesses due to the improved connectivity and scalability of the platform.This leading platform also uses advanced matchmaking that allows organizations to easily schedule meetings and match participants with the corresponding event. Thus, creating a seamless experience for both parties. In addition, it is possible to customize the virtual booth such as the countdown page, themes and set up the exhibition booth according to the user’s preference.
Applicants can track all applications
“Events10x caters to the needs and requirements of different clients. For example, a career fair requires a specific format. Here, applicants should be applying for jobs so we customize the platform for them to make sure it matches 100% with the requirements, and to make sure it’s matching with the job applicants and other users. They can make a tracking or monitoring of all the applications. Applicants can track all those applications where they applied for jobs, and at the same time, exhibitors or employers can easily track and filter the applicants and they can score them in an easy way, where they can, at the end, have a final conclusion which ones will be shortlisted and will be finally taken for a particular job. So, yes, we customize based on the customer requirements and needs,” affirmed Mr. Dawood.
Through Events10x, the audience can access a voting system to improve the productivity and output of meeting and events, help businesses improve their unique selling point and remodel the business strategy according to the audience response, thereby increasing the competitiveness.
Allows users to create a meeting easily
Another great feature is the build in web RTC video engine that allows one to one group calls that allows users to create a meeting easily, network and speak to anyone with a B-wallet with one click of a button.
The polls feature is also ideal for the audience to interact with agents live and browse the FAQ section where customers can get answers in real time and participate in polls on trending topics during the event.
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