Annual Investment Meeting Launches AIM EURASIA Digital Edition 2021


Annual Investment Meeting Launches AIM EURASIA Digital Edition 2021,
Its First-Ever Regional Focus Edition

Highlights ….
The special edition will focus on the EURASIAN region and its great economic potential.

AIM EURASIA 2021 will enhance the relations of UAE to the countries in the region and ignite business opportunities for all participants.

Dubai:The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), the world’s leading investment platform, will hold its first ever regional focus edition, the AIM EURASIA Digital Edition, scheduled from 2-3 March 2021. In collaboration with The Roscongress Foundation – a socially oriented non-financial development institution and a major organizer of international conventions, congress, exhibitions, business, social and sporting, public, and cultural events in Russian Federation, the Annual Investment Meeting is geared up to mark a special edition that will focus on the EURASIAN region and its great economic potential, in which the UAE is looking forward to fully maximise opportunities for collaboration and economic growth.

AIM EURASIA 2021 will bring together notable international investment stakeholders for the EURASIA region and territories seeking investment, worldwide investors looking for viable business opportunities and investment advisors with a vast experience and knowledge of foreign direct investment.

With the focus of supporting the EURASIA Region, the Annual Investment Meeting through its six pillars namely Foreign Direct Investment, Small & Medium Enterprises, Future Cities, Startups, Foreign Portfolio Investment and One Belt, One Road will promote Investment opportunities that plays a positive role in advancing development through job creation, transfer of technology or productivity improvements as well as the speeding up of the economic recovery of the region.

“After the success of the Annual Investment Meeting 2020 Edition, which welcomed over 160 countries and more than 16,000 participants, this special regional focus edition will certainly be of great benefit to a multitude of sectors, especially in frontier and emerging markets. It will facilitate the creation of solid partnerships, unlock more investment opportunities, and pave the way for better international collaboration,” stated Mr. Dawood Al Shezawi, Head of the Organising Committee of the Annual Investment Meeting.

“It will help highlight the economic strengths of EURASIA and explore the region’s business landscape, exploring all the opportunities for growth that are waiting to be harnessed through mutual cooperation and global support. More importantly, I believe that this event will further enhance the relations of the UAE to the countries in the region,” he furthered.

This strategically planned event will introduce numerous features on this platform and help investors in the EURASIA region to explore investment opportunities. The Conference feature will serve as a great advantage for stakeholders in the EURASIA region to share expert insights and focus on strategic initiatives related to the economic outlook in the region. In addition to the conference, the event will also host Pre-conference Workshops, welcoming renowned industry experts from around the world to offer interactive coaching sessions to participants and to help them establish themselves as lucrative investment opportunities.

AIM EURASIA 2021 will also feature an Exhibition for countries, smart city solution providers, innovative start-ups and SMEs that are looking to establish their brand and showcase investment opportunities to global participants. Another highly awaited activity is the Digital Investment Destination, which is a platform for EURASIA regions, municipalities and cities to highlight their investment climate, economic scenario and promote investment opportunities to leading investors.

The first-ever edition of the Annual Investment Meeting’s Hackathon will also happen in AIM EURASIA 2021 to find the leading start-ups with the best innovative ideas to solve key global issues. The competition will bring together people from diverse backgrounds to share their local knowledge and to find suitable solutions that will create a beneficial effect in the global economy, focusing on five significant sectors namely, Climate & Environment, Education, Healthcare, Cyber Security and Food Security.

Conglomerate Presentations will present a virtual line up of large multi-industry groups from EURASIA keen on showcasing their investment roadmaps and key sectors of interest to an impressive panel of AIM investment promotion agencies, SMEs and government officials enthusiastic about making sustainable investments in their respective countries and regions.

In addition, AIM EURASIA 2021 will bring the Investors Hub, where top investment personnel will have an audience in a digitally secure environment with official government and private sector representatives to form new investment partnerships and collaborate with the shared goal of innovation.
Another highly anticipated feature is the Investment Roundtables, featuring Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Heads of Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs), Investors and Decision Makers of specific sectors. Through this, this feature will facilitate a platform for government decision makers to discuss with investment companies and create a feasible investment model matching government and investor requirements.
SMEs wishing to showcase their local products and services to an international audience can also participate in the Made in Series feature. This feature will help the participating countries promote their locally manufactured products and services, the value proposition and network with global partners for collaborations on import activities.
Regional Focus Sessions will be hosted to examine the economic landscapes of Russian Federation countries and regions and also explore and discuss the regions risks, challenges and immensurable opportunities for growth to the audience.
AIM EURASIA 2021 is a part of the Annual Investment Meeting’s commitment to continue creating a roadmap to build a better future for the global economy and offer an indispensable experience to its audience from different parts of the world.


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