The All India Plastics Manufacturers’ Association launched Arvind Mehta Technology & Entrepreneurship Centre to bring MSME’s at par with global standards rapidly


    Mumbai: AIPMA’s AMTEC is expected to help India to compete with China in the Global Market and increase its market share from
    US $ 10 Billion to US $ 20 Billion by 2024
    Mumbai: In accordance with the ‘Atmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan’ launched by Hon’ble
    Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, The All India Plastics Manufacturers’
    Association (AIPMA) launched Arvind Mehta Technology & Entrepreneurship
    Centre (AMTEC) on 16th February, 2021 in Mumbai. The Centre has been launched
    with a goal to bring best practices and latest technologies to Indian Plastics and its
    application industry primarily focusing on MSME’s.
    Mr. Chandrakant Turakhia, President, AIPMA announced that as a mark of respect
    and acknowledgment toward 30+ years of relentless service and dedication by Shri
    Arvind Mehta for the cause of plastics industry and AIPMA, the Centre of Excellence has been named as “AIPMA’s Arvind Mehta Technology & Entrepreneurship Centre”.
    The inauguration was held on the auspicious day of Basant Panchami by Chief Guest
    Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Nayak, Director General, Central Institute of Petrochemicals
    Engineering &Technology (CIPET), Shri Shailesh Patel, President, Gujarat State
    Plastics Manufacturers Association (GSPMA) and Dr. Palak Sheth – Director,
    Eduprogress & Research Pvt. Ltd.
    AIPMA’s AMTEC announced setting up of the ‘Centre of Excellence for Plastics
    Product Innovation and Application’ with a vision to promote high quality knowledge and industrial services for rapid growth of the plastics and its application industry. The Centre of Excellence would help the MSME’s in reducing overall time to design, develop and rapid roll out of products thereby increase speed to market and beat China in global market. The Centre would help Indian plastics industry in increasing its global market share from US $ 10 Billion to US $ 20 Billion in next 3 years.
    Mr.Arvind Mehta, Chairman, Governing Council AIPMA & Chairman AMTEC
    said that “AMTEC would promote the application of cutting-edge knowledge to
    industry to maintain and develop internationally competitive technological expertise while stimulating the economy. He further stated that the Centre of Excellence would
    help MSME’s to graduate from Micro to Small, Small to medium and Medium to
    large units”.
    Mr. Chandrakant Turakhia, President, AIPMA said that “AIPMA is known for understanding the pulse of the industry and accordingly plan various project and
    activities. AMTEC is yet again an innovative brainchild of AIPMA for benefit of the Indian plastics industry”
    Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Nayak, Director General, CIPET congratulated AIPMA for
    establishing AMTEC at the right time as the world is now looking at Indian plastics
    industry for sourcing high quality goods and products.
    Dr. Palak Sheth said that AMTEC would be the hub of latest technology and innovative solutions required by the industry to manufacture best of the products at highly competitive cost. The Centre would also be the breeding ground for students and startups in the field of plastics and its applied industries.
    AMTEC would provide 360 degrees’ services to the industry under one roof through
    Centre for Software Design, Centre for Reverse Engineering and Centre for Additive Manufacturing. AIPMA’s AMTEC will help to deliver greater value through
    technological leadership and manufacturing excellence that are responsive to dynamic market needs, leading to domestic and export growth, making India a Global Service Hub for plastic products. AMTEC in would lay the foundation stone for the future ensuring growth and sustainability of the plastic industry.
    Mr. Arvind Mehta voluntarily donated Rs. 1 crore to AIPMA’s AMTEC in Mumbai.
    This would go a long way in providing product development training to students and upskilling of existing workforce. The Centre would also become an epitome of high quality knowledge and industry services.


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