Initial screening of COVID-19 will be done at the entrance of hospitals



Sunil Goyal

GWALIOR SANDESH: Visitors at the entrance of hospitals and health institutions to conduct preliminary screening include cold, cough,Symptoms like fever will be investigated. To prevent infection of Kovid-19 from spreading in hospitals, caution is being taken.
The instructions issued by Health Commissioner Mr. Faiz Ahmed Kidwai clearly stated that in hospitals Corona virus suspected / infected patients contact with other patients.
Hospitals and health institutions have been told that more than one admission  should be closed at a time . Admission in the hospital should be the same only at the initial testing center. The paramedical staff posted will be responsible for fever,flu, cold and cough problems and will send the patients with contact history or visit history of these patients directly to the  OPD.
The instruction states that social distancing in the hospital be maintained, initial testing center should be provided every eight Precautions such as sanitizing in hours and applying mask or covering mouth to patients and family will be necessary to follow. The entire hospital staff is provided with personal protective equipment and sanitizers. Instructions have also been given to provide hydrochloroquine according to medical advice.



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